Why not join us?

There are several possibilities:

join the HA nationally
– join our local branch as an associate member (see below)
come to individual meetings

Join the HA nationally

If you are a full national member of the HA, you are automatically also a member of our branch and receive all the benefits mentioned in the branch information below.

National membership also entitles you to a 12 months subscription to an HA journal (one of The HistorianPrimary History or Teaching History), and a monthly e-newsletter. In addition, you are entitled to discounts on books, and access to other HA magazines and journals at a discounted price.

You are able to search through all the archived HA resources, articles, magazines, handbooks, films and classroom support, and have access to all the Primary,  Secondary,  Branches and General areas on the HA Website.

If you are a teacher, you will also have access to news, events, reviews, CPD, Guides, resources, message boards and forums that cover the teaching and studying of history from early years and Key Stage 1 all the way through to university and beyond, and enjoy support from experts in our Primary, Secondary, Higher Education and Local History and Branches committees.

For current membership fees and details of how to join, please go to

Join our Ealing branch as a local member

If you don’t feel you want to join the HA as a full member, you can still join our branch as a local member, and can attend meetings free of charge. You will also get regular newsletters (by email preferably), which include information about history-related events in the area, and details of our guided visits to places of historic interest in the London area and even further afield.

The annual membership fee is £15.  Payment can be made at any meeting and usually covers the season September to the following June.

Or payment made also be made by bank transfer: Ealing Historical Association  Account no. 86558860 :  sort code: 77-91-33. This is listed as a personal account. If you are prompted to give the first and second names of the account, Ealing is the first name and Historical Association is the second name. 

For further details please contact our Treasurer:     Rob Jones-Owen, 8 Pynchester Close, Ickenham, Uxbridge, Middx UB10 8JY

The current application form for new members is below:

Ealing Branch membership form new members 2023-24 AS

For those renewing membership please use this form:

Ealing Branch membership RENEWAL form 2023-24 word 2003

Come to individual meetings

Non-members are welcome to attend individual meetings; the  fee is £5 (students free of charge). Watch out for posters locally, or consult this website. (But we’d like to welcome you as a regular member of our group! Do consider a local membership, and take the opportunity to get to know other history enthusiasts in your area.)